Sarah Eisner is an independent Photography Licensing & Copyright Consultant and Lecturer with over 20 years of experience in setting professional photographic licenses in the commercial, publishing and broadcasting sectors. In tandem with this, over the past decade, she has been supporting artists with expert copyright infringement coverage.

She offers photographic artists a bespoke and personal alternative licensing coverage & copyright infringement solution, providing one-on-one specialist support as and when its needed, helping photographers navigate the best deals and revenue on license requests that come through on their work, as well as making sure they maintain control over their rights and how their images are published by meticulously checking the small print of associated contracts & releases.

Her key services include ad hoc photography licensing management, photography copyright infringement coverage, professional contract advice as well as consultation sessions to advise on establishing a 'ready to license' archive. Add to that tailored academic services that provide first-hand industry knowledge to students through specialist lectures & industry panel advice.

Through her Copyright Infringement Analysis she has a great track record of keeping a dedicated watchful eye out for any unauthorised use of artists work, and amicably achieving fair and appropriate financial compensatory recovery fees from organisations, brands and companies from all sectors, from global broadcasters to record companies and fashion labels.

Collaborating with such an exciting pool of talented photographers also makes Sarah a great PIcture Research contact for the sourcing of compelling visual content, be you at a brand, advertising agency, publisher, editorial or other, looking to source on-brief image ideas that inspire and spark a connection with audiences.

Sarah’s long and varied history in this sector make her a very experienced collaborator, her background has seen her cover just about every aspect of image archive work, giving her a diverse depth of knowledge across the photographic field that has built her a positive reputation in the industry. The areas she has covered during her career range from license directing to managing copyright analysis, artist recruitment & liaison, shoot editing, collection & on-brief curation, creative marketing, online communications editing, DAM & analogue archiving, and global agent direction…as well as the odd bit of urgent retouching! Her vast experience as a licensing director has seen her negotiate impressive license fees globally across the commercial sector, liaising with established brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung and advertising agencies such as Ogilvy & Havas right through to editorial publishers such as Hearst & Conde Nast, book publishers such as Penguin & Harper Collins, record labels such as Universal & Sony, fashion labels such as Adidas & Nike, broadcasting networks such as BBC & Netflix as well as fine art auction houses & galleries such as Sotheby’s, The National Portrait Gallery and The Design Museum.

Position highlights have included 5 years as Archive Manager for the world-renowned photographer Rankin, where Sarah managed Rankin’s analogue and digital archive which included editing and coordinating his work for worldwide license. This was followed by senior positions at well-respected agencies such as the legendary Camera Press, and most recently Kintzing, where as Licensing Director she helped the owner curate a diverse & authentic imagery collection spanning over 250 worldwide artists whom she personally recruited & supported.

Sarah not only enjoys helping photographers achieve great exposure and revenue on their work but takes joy in encouraging and supporting emerging artists & graduates, all the while championing their personal creative photographic projects and rights.

Instagram @saraheisner


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