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James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 23-06-2008 22:03
We are trying to find the copyright owners of x 3 photos that are to be included in BBC 'Who Do You Think You Are? programmes x 2 photos are by James Jarche from 1920's /30's:-
1/ The Serpentine boys - x 6 young boys (naked) being chased by a policeman along the bank of The Serpentine.
2/ Bleriot - photo of x 2 mustachiod men in flying gear standing in front of old flying machine.

3/Photo of effigy (buddha) burning on a fire during the Cultural Revolution in China - found on Internet, can't track down source.

Hoping someone can tell me who owns them?
Many thanks
Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 27-08-2012 19:05
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 27-08-2012 19:08
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 05-09-2012 05:21
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 14-09-2012 04:50
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 16-09-2012 10:44
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 24-09-2012 07:33
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 01-10-2012 01:47
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 01-10-2012 22:47
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 02-10-2012 08:15
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 08-10-2012 09:22
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 09-10-2012 22:13
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 17-10-2012 08:49
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 18-10-2012 02:14
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 18-10-2012 14:10
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 18-10-2012 14:32
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 03-11-2012 06:36
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 11-11-2012 14:59
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 12-11-2012 16:25
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Re:James Jarche photos and x 1 effigy burning image 09-02-2013 01:53
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